a2k me que2tiion2.

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TA: thii2 ii2 a22umiing that ii iinheriit hii2 2kiill2, of cour2e.

TA: ju2t make 2ure he doe2n’t find out about thii2, okay?

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TA: obviiou2ly alterniia ha2 dii2ney priince22e2. the long-haiired one happen2 two be my favoriite, a2 you can 2ee.

TA: well, 2he’2 not exactly a priince22e2, 2iince the only ruler we’ve had ii2 Her IImperiiou2 Conde2cen2iion, and 2he’2 an empre22, but 2tiill.

AG: He had it coming to him.

CC: S)()()(, you’ll wake )(im up!

TA: …2nrk.

TA: that never happened.

TA: don’t even joke about that kiind of thiing.

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TA: nobody, and ii mean NOBODY, get2 two piick on miituna liike that.

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